David Engel

nl 1973

David Engel is constantly experimenting to compose a spatial image from all kinds of materials. A playful aptitude is clearly present here.

The recent work is less three-dimensional and more multicoloured than the previous one and now mainly made of polystyrene foam, epoxy, spray paint and gesso. He uses the changes that occur during the merging as the basis for the works. Associations are added with the material in various operations. He embraces all the variability in this with the curiosity to get something new from the material properties. He works intuitively on an imaginary space; space to marvel. It is like a translation of his desire for harmony and broad horizons.

The older series of wall objects made of curved plywood, in predominantly neutral white colour and with an encapsulated colour surface that reflects from the interspace, enhances the spaciousness and gives a soft mood. While that work is reminiscent of clouds drifting by, the new paintings are less sculptural, but still retain architectural qualities and a high degree of transparency.