C-print, dibond, matte plexiglass in frame
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120 × 80 cm
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Lisanne Hoogerwerf creates landscapes as a reflection of her inner experience. She takes us to a special world where imagination becomes reality, or vice versa. In her new photo series ‘Fragments of Common Ground’ she takes refuge in a wide panorama.

In an endless watery environment, reflecting the sky, with islands on which archetypal, colourful buildings stand, Hoogerwerf shows that everything may be peaceful. Well-kept islands seem to float in an ocean between heaven and earth against a hazy horizon. They appear as independent units, each self-powered. You can think of a sustainable future here; or of a safe playground for children -on a green island further on. Is all that a dream or after the deluge? After all, aren’t those distant skies threatening, the trees without leaves, houses without inhabitants, and the waters still as after the storm? You imagine yourself between a lovely scene and a cinematic drama, the play of which has yet to begin. This uncertainty remains fascinating.