Sanne Terweij

nl 1984

In search of evoking hidden memories, Sanne Terweij is guided by colour and texture as her driving force and main source of inspiration. Intrigued by the history of pigments and alchemy, she currently focuses on the use of reflective metals such as brass, copper and aluminium, exploring their oxidative and corrosive properties.

Starting from pure base material, she sets to work with countless chemical processes and interventions to transmutate these individual pieces into juxtaposed mental and emotional ‘landscapes’: materialized memories or atmospheres that stimulate your senses on the basis of textures and colours. “I am always looking to evoke a feeling of endlessness, of being able to wander through the work”

By using the ever-changing process of oxidation in combination with the handcut geometric shapes that make up her works, no work is ever exactly the same. Transition is a common thread in her work, and her process also reveals her predilection for the craft. “The little imperfections you see when something is handmade, that’s what I feel makes something really come alive” Her preference for unconventional materials, experimenting with material studies and the influence of colour is clearly predominant in her current work.

With her roots in creative entrepreneurship as a decorator/artist for the hospitality and film industry since 2007, she has spend years specializing in aging and patina techniques. After partly educating as a goldsmith and color consultant in the distant past, her current path is an almost logical confluence of all these earlier steps.

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Sanne Terweij work on progress!