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Cecilia Vissers (1964, NL) lives and works in Sint-Oedenrode (NL) and graduated 1993 at Academy for Art & Design, ’s-Hertogenbosch.


More than three decades Vissers experimented with abstract and conceptual art practices. Working variously in metal sculpture, photography and printing techniques, Vissers' art references to the wild landscapes of Ireland and Scotland. Her sculptures are practically flat and fundamentally frontal and are made of thick solid steel plates. The materials and techniques used, as well as her approach, have precedents in constructivism. 


Or as art historian Dr. Alistair Rider (UK) puts it: “The commitment to absolute technical precision, which these sculptures exhibit, would undoubtedly have appealed to the exacting production standards of Donald Judd. Vissers’ approach to making art has much in common with the pared down language of American minimalism, with which artists such as Judd and Dan Flavin are now associated. But her work also belongs to an older tradition of geometric abstraction that derives inspiration from the natural world." 


Cecilia Vissers has received various grants and publications. Her work was shown in many solo exhibitions at various locations throughout Europe and USA. It has been purchased by various professional and private collectors throughout Europe and USA likewise. 

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Past exhibitions

2020 - IN & OUT
12 jun - 18 jul
12 dec - 11 jan
2015 - Hybrids
6 jun - 5 jul
2013 - New Star(s)
7 sep - 15 sep
2013 - Summer Knows
23 aug - 1 sep
2012 - PR#1 - After
10 mrt - 18 mrt
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