Galerie Helder

Stephan Muis

Stephan Muis (1967) is active in the arts since 2009. After a quest in ICT, he returned to his first and foremost love: The Arts. Educated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Arts, and the University of Amsterdam (Cultural Studies - Museum Management): A logical choice.

"My work is conceptual. Most of the time I need the help of professionals to create the work. That's why I call my work "cooperative art". Major themes in my work are our loss of innocence and our fear of death.

This time offers a variety of materials that I like to use. I'm not an artist who explores a material in depth. I rather use it to my advantage, counting on the expertise of professionals in the different fields that I explore."

Tasmanstraat 188 Den Haag | 070-346 6309