Galerie Helder

Alvaro Valls


Álvaro Valls (1987) is a Visual artist that develops  interdisciplinary projects using the relationships that arise between characters of the hiperreality and people in the physical world to rethink about  how we  build our projections of the world.

The background of his work  it´s to show the nonexistence difference between fiction and the social agreement that we know as reality.



New generations grow up surrounded by worlds builded for entertainment; artificial dimensions where relationships and friendships arise with characters that can not pass the screen, producing an empathic anxiety resulting from the failure to interact with these characters out of their context.

This is one of the reasons why me and so many of my generation start drawing screen characters when we were childs, to continue this interaction with them , and finally relieve the empathic anxiety.

But with who were we interacting with? There was just paper and colours in front of us. 

Empathic projections is a work concerned with our relations, and how people in the physical world, are just another fictional construction, another image somewhere in our brains.


Alvaro Valls, ArtEZ Enschede, 2012

Tasmanstraat 188 Den Haag | 070-346 6309