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Walker Pachler

Walker Pachler portret

The world is a strange place, filled with colour and emotion. The universe is unknown, uncharted and endless. The mind is infinite. From these creative forces the artist was born.

The first 5 years of his life, he lived with his parents in a secluded area in the nature of California. After absorbing its energy and inspiration the journey took him to the Netherlands. During his teenage years he began skateboarding and filming. Fascinated by film and photography, he did various work together with some of his skater friends.

Aside from visual art, he was always drawing since he was a child. Never letting go of this urge, he eventually worked with charcoal and made large portraits of himself and a friend. During this period he started meditating and got his first taste of spiritual enlightnment. His charcoal art works are a reflection of this inner peace and balance. By the time he reached his early 20′s he teamed up with hip hop crew Dope D.O.D., to work on his and their first music video’s. With director Chris Cunningham as his main inspiration, Walker is a perfectionist. His footage has a photographic style which is all about quality and detail. This style is found throughout his pictures, video’s and artworks. Over the past few years he made videos for other musicians which all contain the atmosphere of a world of its own. This is partially due to psychedelic experiences. It gave him whole new views on life.

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