Galerie Helder

Ron van der Ende

NL - 1965

Van der Ende construeert een perspectivische ervaring van zijn onderwerp op perfecte schaal. Hij transformeert daarbij gebruikt hout met zijn oorspronkelijk karakter tot fantastische objecten. Gedreven door deze unieke werkwijze verliest hij zich in tijd en ruimte.


He constructs a perspective experience of his subject on a perfect scale. He transforms second-hand timber with its own character into fantastic objects. Driven by this unique working method, he loses himself in time and space.


"Black Ark"

"Black Ark fuses worlds that are far apart. The shape of the work is based on a boulder from the D20 'hunebed' (dolmen) in Drenthe, NL.

The wood covering Black Ark has black paint over a green base. It is engraved with copies of contemporary shamanic drawings by Lee Perry at his Black Ark studio in Jamaica."


"Verneer Theory"

"Veneer theory is a term coined by Dutch primatologist Frans de Waal to designate a certain view of human morality which he criticizes in his book 'Primates and Philosophers: How Morality Evolved'.

De Waal rejects the idea that human morality is 'a cultural overlay, a thin veneer hiding an otherwise selfish and brutish nature'.

He instead sees our morality as a direct outgrowth of the social instincts that human beings share with other animals."


(met dank aan Galerie Ron Mandos, in collaboration with Galerie Ron Mandos)

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