Galerie Helder

Tanja Smit


Tanja Smit’s project is to read the world. Her paintings, drawings and textworks – manual repetitive interventions in newspapers, magazines and books – are the result of open working processes in which new and self-inflicted rules mix with anarchy. New meanings are revealed and constructed upon known surfaces. Some of the pieces undergo a (second) translation into music, performance or video.


The works have been shown widely in Spain, the Netherlands and other countries in solo- and collective exhibitions, including in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the MACBA documentation center and La Virreina in Barcelona.



1984 MA Painting, KABK (Royal Academy of Fine Arts), The Hague



- Haags Gemeentemuseum

- Museum Gouda

- Heden, The Hague

- CBK Rotterdam

- CBK Dordrecht

- The Ventós Collection, Barcelona

- MACBA museum Barcelona

Tasmanstraat 188 Den Haag | 070-346 6309